1. Puberty, storytelling, rainbow flash headers and great illustration: Berlin-based duo Bitteschön

    A while ago I blogged a song called "Paris" by Berlin-based singer-songwriter Hans Unstern. Roland Brückner was the guy illustrating the video with a really wonderful one-line drawing that fit so well with the music.

    Roland is also part of a creative studio that’s focussed on narration and picture called bitteschön.tv. Gotta love that flash header ;)


    A week ago Bitteschön posted a video on Vimeo called “One Minute Puberty” and you better watch it because it’s loads of fun and if you were a normal teenage boy this will most likely be like a trip down memory lane for you.

    Bittschön also made a narrated video about a man that’s actually a man in a man and a man, and all these men talk to each other. Sounds confusing? It’ll make sense once you see the video with all its layers interwoven. The sound is a bit awkward at times, but I really like the way the story and the visuals come together.

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