1. Endearing project: “Snail Mail My Email: bringing back appreciation for the art of letter writing

    The project actually ends today, but for what it’s worth - it’s so sweet it’ll make you all gooey inside and feel like you’ve eaten too many marshmellows.


    "We move in such a fast-paced world that, sometimes, that world can feel kind of cold and impersonal," project founder Ivan Cash told CNN. A designer based in San Francisco, Cash noticed that letter-writing became less a part of his life with the ascent of Facebook messaging and texting. He started the project as a fun way to reconnect with an old hobby, but soon found himself drowning in submissions: 1,000 emails on the website’s fourth day. To keep up, Cash took the crowdsourcing route and recruited 134 volunteers from around the world to help him transcribe and mail. A volunteer from China is now the project manager.

    If you want to snail mail an email to a friend or lover, keep it short and sweet—they only take submissions under 100 words—and act fast because the project ends on August 15. According to Cash, love letters have made up  90 percent of the total volume shipped out.

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